Bread and Roses Helping Women Since 1985

Bread and Roses Women’s Health Center is a woman-owned and operated abortion and women’s health clinic located in Gainesville, Florida. Our goal at Bread and Roses is to provide the best in medical care in a safe, comfortable, caring and supportive atmosphere.

We want you to feel safe with our Doctors and in our clinic. All of our physicians are licensed in the state of Florida and have extensive experience in abortion care. We use the latest technology and the newest requirements for safety and sterility. Our clinic is licensed and inspected annually by Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration. We are also  proud members of the National Abortion Federation and the Abortion Care Network.


We now offer morning after pills for only $25.00! You must be 17 years old or older and must have valid identification in order to purchase. Please call our office if you have questions 352-372-1664.

At Bread and Roses we strive to help women achieve their full potential by providing them with the best medical care – the bread – as well as special attention to their emotional needs in this critical time – the roses. At Bread and Roses we know the importance of both the bread and the roses.